The secret life of the archive

Ever wanted to know about the secret life of the Feminist Archive South? About where all the information that has been lovingly collected is kept?

These photos were taken by our archive detective in Special Collections, and allow us to see part of the story.

the boxes 4 the boxes 1 the boxes 3

The material in the Feminist Archive South are kept in storage a few miles away from Special Collections at Bristol University.

If you want to view items in the collection you need to order them, and they can take a week to be retrieved from storage.

While we want to make the Feminist Archive South as accessible as possible, you can see there are limitations on how quickly we can get the material.

In the next few months we will work hard at getting as much of the catalogue online so it will be easier for people to order items and plan their visit.

Even though the FAS moved to Bristol University in 2009, like moving house, transitions can be stressful and take a long time (particularly if you have loads of stuff!)

We are starting to make progress, and the recent HLF grant provides us with vital resources to do this work.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos!

the boxes 8 the boxes 2 the boxes 7 the boxes 10

the boxes 11

the boxes 15

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