Finn MackayPicture of Finn McKay standing in a subway

Finn Mackay has been involved in feminist activism for over twenty years, since leaving home to live at a women’s peace camp as a teenager. With a background in youth and advice work, most recently she set up and managed domestic violence prevention education and anti-bullying work for a London local education authority. In 2004 Finn founded the London Feminist Network and the revived London Reclaim the Night march, which she co-ordinated until beginning PhD studies in 2010. Her PhD is on the British Women’s Liberation Movement from the 1970s to the present day and has made copious use of the materials in the Feminist Archive!

Sue Tate

Sue Tate is a freelance art historian and Research Fellow at the University of the West of England. Her interest is in women artists – their contributions and how, once included, they change the story of art. Recently she has worked on women in Pop art with a case study of Pauline Boty, British Pop artist.

Maria Fannin

Maria Fannin works as a geographer at the University of Bristol. She is committed to the Archive’s potential to inspire present and future feminisms.

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