Dora Russell’s Peace Caravan

The oldest items in the Feminist Archive South are from peace campaigner Dora Russell.

In May 1958 Russell, who was married to the philosopher Bertrand Russell and founder of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, travelled to Europe in a caravan.

 woman waving a hanker chief, a dove and words in czech   Signatures of women

The Caravan of Peace was an all-women venture into communist bloc Eastern Europe at the height of the cold war.  The women had very little support and travelled with two vehicles  – a coach and an old army truck which carried tents, cooking equipment and food.

An A4 size book delicately decorated with two wreaths of flowers overlapping each other.  Signatures of women

On her journey, known as the ‘Women’s Peace Caravan’, she met women peace campaigners and some of the artefacts she collected can be found in the archive.

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