Sisterhood and After – Launch today!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today sees the launch of a fantastic new learning resource: Sistershood and After: An Oral History of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

On the site you can listen to a range of women who were involved in the WLM. The testimonies are organised in categories such as family and children; bodies, minds and spirits; sex, love and friendship; race, place and nation; education; equality and work; activism; politics and legislation; changing culture and the arts; who we were, who were are.

Sisterhood and After

Screenshot from the page ‘Race, Place and Nation’

As well as oral histories there are teacher notes for each of these themes, which again emphasises what a brilliant learning resource the site is.

Being able to listen to women and men who were active in the WLM perfectly complements the archival material that you can find in the Feminist Archive South. Should you wish to know more about this rich and complex part of history, you know where you need to go!


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